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36KV 26.3KA Indoor VCB Panel upto 1250A

  Advantages of Vacuum over other interrupting media :

1) Highest dielectric strength over a small contact gap
2) Constant Iow contact resistance
3) Fastest recovery strength
4) Lowest arc energy dissipation
5) Lowest drive energy requirements
6) Minimum contact erosion
7) No fire hazards or explosion risks
8) Least number of moving parts and hence highest reliability


The 3AH03 compact and reliable vacuum circuit breakers consist of three poles incorporating the vacuum interrupters housed in insulated shell. These poles are then covered with insulated pole cover from behind to make the design completely enclosed. The moving contacts of the vacuum interrupter are connected to the drive mechanism through insulated connecting rods. Operating mechanism is of stored energy type and suitable for auto reclosing duty. The operation can be manual / electrical as desired. 3AH03 Vacuum Circuit Breaker is housed inside 2 mm thick powder coated sheet metal with fully safety-interlocked door & bushings for taking further connections by the Partner.

  Salient features of 3AH03 Vacuum Circuit Breaker :

1) Conforms to IEC 62271-100 and is fully type tested
2) Simple and compact design
3) lnterrupters housed inside an enclosed insulated pole
4) Totally restrike free
5) Suitable for rapid auto reclosing
6) Highly reliable operation
7) Long maintenance free life
8) High switching capability
9) Fully established for all applications
10) Matching drive and interrupter characteristics
11) Trolley mounted for the ease of handling

  Partner's Benefits

1) Modular design, enabling Partner's ease for further panel development
2) Fully type tested switchgear
3) Most compact design
4) Lower design cost
5) Maintenance free new generation interrupters from Siemens

  Technical Data

36KV 26.3KA Indoor VCB Panel upto 1250A

 Ivac with 3AH03 Vacuum Circuit Breaker


 Rated Voltage

upto 36kV

 One minute power frequency withstand voltage (rms)


 1.2/50 micro second lightening impulse withstand voltage


 Rated current


 Short Time Withstand current (3 sec)


 Short Circuit Breaking current


 Rated making capacity


 Rated Operating sequence


 Single capacitor bank breaking current


 Cable charging breaking current


 Guaranteed number of operations for vacuum interrupter at rated current


 Guaranteed number of operations for drive mechanism


 Is CB restrike free


 Type of operating mechanism

Motor Spring Reserve Drive (M.S.R.D.)



2250 mm



1000 mm



1245 mm

  Switching Application

Ivac with 3AH03 PCB is well suitable for medium voltage power distribution applications like transformer feeder, line feeder in various industries, infrastructure projects and power utilities.